DITO Balance Inquiry

Open Mobile Keypad > Dial *185# > Click on Button > Remaining Amount will show.

How to balance inquiry in DITO? after activation, every individual in this network finds the method. So, the simple and easy process of DITO Balance Inquiry is “*185#” and the balance will show on your screen. SIM balance inquiry is a convenient service provided by mobile operators, allowing users to check their remaining prepaid credit or available data. By dialing a specific USSD code or using a mobile app, subscribers can access real-time information on their account balance. This feature ensures users stay informed about their usage and enables better management of their mobile resources.

How to Check Balance in DITO?

Follow two easy steps to find DITO Balance Inquiry. All new users of the DITO Network are worried when they use their SIM credit but don’t know how to check the remaining balance.

1st Method By USSD Code
2nd Method By DITO APP

Via USSD Code:

  • Open Mobile Keypad.
  • Dial USSD Code “*185#.
  • You will select the “DITO Account” option.
  • Further click on “Load Inquiry“.
  • Your remaining balance amount will show on the screen.


  • Open the “DITO App“.
  • Enter Username and Password.
  • The complete dashboard will appear on the screen.

DITO Balance Inquiry

How to Check DITO SIM Balance?

Through the USSD Code, every user easily checks the remaining balance of the DITO SIM. Today Dial *185# and collect information about the available balance on your sim card.

For DITO Balance Inquiry “Dial *185#” and get the info about remaining balance.

DITO balance inquiry is a vital aspect of the overall user experience, offering multiple methods to suit different preferences. Whether through the mobile app, USSD code, or customer service, DITO ensures that subscribers have easy access to their account information. Regularly checking your balance and managing your account effectively is key to making the most of DITO’s services. With its growing presence in the Philippines, DITO continues to enhance its offerings, making it a strong contender in the telecom industry.

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