DITO SIM APN Setting for Iphone, Android

Every smartphone model is not compatible with DITO SIM, which is why people encounter various issues when using the internet. DITO SIM APN settings for iPhone and Android are properly issued by them. Especially for iPhone users, it is necessary to manually change the APN settings, while other Android users should review the APN settings if their smartphone is unable to connect to the internet. Below are step-by-step guidelines on how to change DITO SIM APN settings.


The step-by-step complete procedure of DITO SIM APN Setting for users of iPhone and Android can be successfully changed.

Step 1 Insert DITO SIM in Mobile

Step 2
  • Open “Mobile Setting“.
  • Click on “Network & Internet“.
  • Choose “Mobile Network“.
  • Click on “Access Point“.

Step 3 After Access Point opens Click on “+” that is available on top.

Type “internet.dito.ph” and then save.

Step 4 Turn On Mobile Data.

You will receive confirmation of SIM Activation.

For iPhone

All iPhone models and other devices are not compatible with DITO SIM. If you’re using an iPhone and wish to use a DITO Network SIM card, first change your DITO SIM APN Setting for iPhone, then insert the SIM into your mobile. The above step-by-step details discuss how to change it. Follow all instructions, and hopefully, your issue will be resolved. Basically, the Majority of the people complete DITO SIM Registration so they follow the above instructions.

APN Setting


Most Android mobiles are compatible with DITO SIM, such as Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, Reno, and many others. However, some models are not supported by the DITO network. So, if your mobile is compatible, then okay; otherwise, you need to change the APN settings, for which instructions are provided above.

DITO Network issued a proper list of compatible mobiles that run DITO SIM accurately. For other models that are not compatible, like the iPhone, it issued guidelines regarding how to make them compatible. All instructions and procedures are mentioned in steps for audience facilitation.


What if my phone is not compatible with DITO?

If your mobile phone is not compatible with the DITO sim then you need to read all the above-discussed instructions and change the mobile APN setting.

How do I set up APN on my iPhone?

  • Open Mobile setting.
  • Click on NetWork.
  • Click on Access Point.
  • Push the Add button and write internet.dito.ph.
  • Then Save and turn on Mobile Data.

Is dito SIM compatible with iPhone?

No, all old and New DITO SIMs are compatible with iPhones. Every user need to change APN setting manually.

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