How to Check if Sim is Registered?

Since the Philippine government has enacted a new law regarding sim registration, people are now engaged in checking whether their sims are registered or not. It’s quite simple and you can get info about How to Check if Sim is Registered. If your sim is functioning, meaning you can make calls, send messages, and use the internet, then it means your sim is active. Otherwise, it will be automatically deactivated by the network. However, for those who have registered but are unsure whether their sim card has been registered or not, they can check using the method provided below.

How to Check if DITO Sim is Registered?

When people complete the registration process step by step then at the end confirmation message must be received by the network. Moreover, if you complete the process but still have not received a successful SMS then follow the below steps for How to Check if Sim is Registered.

DITO APP DITO SIM Registration
  • Visit the nearest outlet or DITO Network.
  • Open the Android mobile DITO APP and check Sim registered or Not.
  • Browse the official web portal and log in. Check the latest status.

DITO SIM Registration

On a massive level unaware of registration now everyone asking how to check my SIM registration. People can check online because the DITO network integrates all systems online. Just log in to their portal and check their current status.


How can I check whose name my SIM is registered?

You can contact on helpline number it will guide registration information. In addition, visit the nearest branch where give a sim number and it will share all the details.

Is your SIM card registered?

For audience information, if your sim card is working then understand its registration process has been completed. Or if the SIM does not work then understand sim card is not registered.

Quick Guide: How to Verify if SIM is Registered?

A step-by-step method of how to check sim is registered or verified is listed above. If you check and any issue occurs then you need to visit the nearest outlet of a related network.

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