DITO Level Up Packs, 99, 129, 199, 999

The telecommunication company DITO introduces various types of level-up packs with different prices, durations, and volumes. Currently, there are six different DITO Level Up Packs available, all of which will remain valid until February 29, 2024, when the company’s promotion ends. Subscribe to any level-up pack today and enjoy unlimited services. It’s important to note that the duration of all packs is 30 days, and they will automatically expire after that period.

DITO Level Up Packs

All DITO Level Up packs, ranging from P99 to P999, are discussed in complete detail. Simply subscribe to any pack through the DITO APP once and enjoy 30 days of data, calls, text, and more.

Level-Up Packs Data Volume
P99 7GB
P129 10GB
P199 16GB
P299 28GB
P499 55GB
P999 120GB

DITO Level Up

DITO Level Up 99 Promo

The most demanded DITO Level Up pack is Peso 99 because it is the lowest-priced pack with a validity of 1 month. All other services remain the same, with the only difference being a 7GB data bundle.

  • DITO to DITO Free {Unli}.
  • The Data Volume is 7GB.
  • Other Networks “300 Min” allowed.
  • Unli SMS to “other networks”.
  • Valid for “30 Days”.

129 Pesos

DITO Level Up 129 Pesos offer exists and its validity is 30 days. Unlimited calls, text, and big volume data bundle is included. Moreover, people who do know how to subscribe to this offer are written below.

Price PHP 129
Data Volume 10,000 MB
DITO to DITO Call Min Unlimited
DITO to Other Network Min 300 Min
SMS Unli all on all networks

Level Up 199 Description

DITO users can avail of a 16GB internet bundle through the Level Up 199 offer, which is available until February 29, 2024. This is a promotional offer, and it will soon be discontinued by the company. Features or services that are included in this offer are as follows.

  • The price of this Promo is “PHP 199”.
  • You can avail “16GB” Data Bundle.
  • Everyone does Unli call on the same network.
  • Other Network calls are 300 Min.
  • Send text & message unlimited.

Level-Up 299

Another promo offer DITO Level-Up Pack 299 launched after the company started the SIM Registration process. This is a promotional offer and will be closed in the last week of Feb 2024.

Price PHP 299
Data Volume 128GB

NOTE: Only offer price and Data Volume is different but other services are the same like Calls, SMS, and duration.

Level Up 499

At the start of every month, people subscribe to the monthly package and then use it without any issues. People who have registered with DITO SIM find the cheap promotional offers of this network. Currently, details for the DITO Level Up pack 499 are available.

Charges PHP 499
Internet Bundle 55GB

NOTE: The validity of this package is 1 month, as well as DITO to DITO calls, SMS, and text, are unlimited excluding other network minutes which are 300.

Level Up 499

How to Subscribe this Offer?

  • Just log in to the “DITO APP“.
  • Open the Home Page and Click on “Level Up Pack”.
  • Choose any plan.
  • Select Payment method {Advance, Regular, and Auto Pay}.
  • Confirm Payment and Click on the Subscribe Button.
  • Through DITO APP an SMS confirmation message will be received.

All DITO Level Up Packs that were officially launched the previous year by this network have been updated. For the guidance of users, all promos or level-up packs will expire on February 29, 2024. If DITO Network issues new promos, we will update accordingly.


How many days is level-up 99 in DITO?

After availing of this offer, you can enjoy 30 days. When the time period is complete then automatically expires and you need to reactivate again.

How do you Level-Up a subscription on DITO SIM?

Complete the whole details about the Level-Up Pack subscription discussed above in detail step by step just for the user’s knowledge.

What is the DITO 199 plan?

Under this plan, you can avail of “16GB Data, 300 Min all network calls, DITO to Dito Unli calls, and unlimited text to all networks”.

Is there unlimited data in DITO?

Yes, people can enjoy 5G unlimited data in the DITO offer. They have not imposed any restriction related to 5G data usage but this exists where 5G network signals are available. Because 5G internet services have not spread till now across the Philippines.

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